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Who Should Consider an MBA in Cyber Security Management?

The field of cyber security management is ideal for tech-minded professionals who enjoy solving ever-changing technological puzzles. The career also creates tangible benefits for businesses and customers. Each year, millions of Americans are the victims of cyber-crimes like identity theft. Cyber security managers are the first line of defense between online criminals and their targets.

Benefits of Earning a Master of Business Administration With a Concentration in Cyber Security Management

St. Thomas University’s online MBA in Cyber Security Management prepares students to be both business leaders and cyber security experts through courses in managerial accounting, data analytics, cyber security law and cyber security technologies. The combination of managerial and cyber security training means that graduates are qualified for upper-level positions such as senior cyber security analyst or manager of a team of online security experts.

A U.S. News & World Report article listed the merits of earning an MBA in cyber security management, citing it as “a valuable degree across a variety of industries.”

“Since an increasing number of organizations rely on high-tech infrastructure for day-to-day operations, qualified professionals are needed to safeguard data networks,” the article notes.

The article went on to highlight four careers available to graduates with an MBA in cyber security management: chief information security officers, who oversee cyber security for an organization; information security managers, who maintain an organization’s security protocols and develop strategies to optimize network security; information security specialists, who analyze existing security measures; and security architects, who oversee computer system security.

“Experience, such as that gained from a master’s project or practicum, is often required” for these careers, the article said.

The blog ITBusinessEdge described 10 critical responsibilities that cyber security experts may be asked to fulfill in their management roles. Those duties include the monitoring of online logs and alerts, ensuring that vendors and employees are working within established policy frameworks, reducing risk by minimizing online exposure, testing and implementing new technology, regularly auditing internal policies and procedures, and ensuring that businesses have an adequate security response program.

Growing Skills Gap in Cyber Security

There’s an ongoing shortage of cyber security professionals, meaning a graduate degree in cyber security management comes with the benefit of high employability. Data compiled by Burning Glass found that the number of unfilled cyber security jobs in 2018 grew to 300,000, with the average annual salary for those key positions being over $100,000. An online 2018 article in SHRM described the growing threat:

“More than 1,050 organizations have publicly disclosed that they were hacked in the first seven months of 2017, leaving more than a billion records compromised,” the article said, citing data from Belcamp, a digital security company.

Cyber security experts who hold an MBA in cyber security management have a unique skill set that bridges business and information technology. STU’s MBA in Cyber Security Management prepares graduates to be the next generation of leaders in the fight against cyber-crime. The online degree program, taught by STU faculty, can be completed in as few as 10 months.

Learn more about the STU online MBA program with a concentration in Cyber Security Management.


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