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What Role Do Staffing Agencies Play in Corporate Recruiting?

Many human resource (HR) managers have started enlisting the assistance of a staffing agency to help recruit for open positions to hire new employees. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has turned the hiring and recruiting landscape on its head, and the challenges of keeping employees safe while ensuring they continue to fulfill their roles became a main priority in 2020.

Staffing professionals who recognized emerging trends in recruiting and staffing adjusted to the work-from-home model, and remote work has continued to be the preferred work option. As a result, the demand for remote work from staffers, managers and employees is expected to continue well into the future.

Most staffing agencies have adjusted to the new remote work paradigm by incorporating digital tools such as automation, video interviews and remote job offers. These new alternatives can meet the continually changing hiring and recruiting business environment.

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How Staffing Agencies are Incorporated into the Hiring Process

Staffing agencies recruit potential employees by pairing up candidates to the position that is right for them. The agency searches its database for potential hires, combs through professional networks, writes a formal job description and advertises the position. Some staffing agencies use social media to spread the word about the job opening. Job candidates can find openings on the agency’s website, through social media posts or via professional networks. They can apply for the position, and some agencies offer opportunities for virtual meetings to assess candidate qualifications.

The recruiters in the staffing agency review the applicant’s skills and experience to determine their fit for the role. Candidates can also receive feedback from the staffing agency to increase their chances of getting hired. The agency recruiters then perform screening interviews for applicants who have potential before passing off the formal interview process to the company. The hiring staff for the company ultimately make the final decision about who is hired for the position. In the long run, this process can help save time for both employer and applicant.

In order to mitigate the challenges that human resource managers face when finding the right people for a job opening, it’s recommended that they hire a staffing agency that specializes in their field. Not only do HR managers fill the roles of a coach, business strategist, employee advocate and recruiter, but human resource management professionals also face evolving challenges in training and career development. HR professionals must aim to keep their workforce connected and help employees dealing with the layers of mental health crises, a global pandemic and an economic downturn while working remotely. Approaching hiring, recruiting, training, development and retention involves using new technology and new ways to plan for the future of remote work.

How an MBA in Human Resource Management Can Help

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