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Career Options With a Sports Administration MBA

Sports administrators are as varied in their career choices as the athletes they support. The skills gained from a Master of Business Administration in Sports Administration online program prepares students for careers in sports marketing, facility management, media relations, contract negotiations and more. The MBA can help prepare individuals for a specific role they want to pursue in the sports industry, while giving them a deep understanding of the industry as a whole and what trends seem to be driving it.

Overview of Careers in Sports Administration

The median salary for a sports administrator is $98,070, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). An MBA in sports administration is a common requirement for upper management positions within sports organizations.

Public relations (PR) managers create and maintain positive images for the athletes and sports clubs they work for. In professional sports, reputation matters. By properly handling media relations and finding unique ways to communicate a sports organization’s message, PR professionals can have a significant impact on a team’s profitability. PR managers earn a median income of $118,430 per year, according to the BLS.

Marketing directors provide a similar service but focus solely on marketing. These upper-management leaders may oversee a marketing team. The average base salary for these business leaders is $141,490 , according to BLS data.

Also known as athletic facilities managers, sports facility managers oversee the day-to-day maintenance of arenas, courts, rinks, pools and other athletic facilities. Among the more important tasks performed by these managers is ensuring that playing surfaces are always game-ready. While salaries for this career can vary greatly, these professionals earn a median income of $98,890 according to .

Athletic directors are high-level administrators who manage coaches and staff while overseeing entire sports departments at the high school, college and professional level. Wages within this field vary widely, from $93,830 (according to BLS) for high school athletic directors, $1 million and up at and more than $3 million at the highest levels of NCAA football.

Compliance officers can work for a school or for a regulatory body such as the NCAA or a similar governing body. They can work as a consultant and serve a crucial role for sports organizations by ensuring teams work within both regulatory and internal policies and requirements. NCAA guidelines restrict an athlete’s ability to compete outside the colleges they attend, for example. A compliance officer will coordinate with athletes and the organization to make sure that everyone complies with the rules. Other duties for compliance officers may include identifying and reporting on potential conflicts with regulatory groups. The median annual salary for compliance officers is $71,100, according to an article in U.S. News & World Report.

Gain the Tools to Be a Leader Within the Sports Industry

The St. Thomas Universityonline MBA with a concentration in Sports Administration program provides in-depth courses on the economics, marketing, law and communications that drive the sports market. At the program’s core is a curriculum that teaches a broad range of skills along with specialized classes.

Classes in the STU program cover topics ranging from managerial accounting to data analytics and organizational behavior. Concentration courses allow students to learn about specialized areas of interest such as sports media, facility management and sports law. Advanced foundational topics explore accounting, statistical analysis and foundational business studies. Students can complete the accelerated program in as few as 12 months.

The field of sports administration is vast and growing. An MBA in Sports Administration from STU allows students to gain the skills to thrive in any position within this multi-billion-dollar industry.

Learn more about the St. Thomas University online Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Sports Administration program.

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