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What Is Sports Administration?

Professional sports teams and athletics programs rely on sports administrators to ensure that facilities are well-maintained and overall operations run smoothly. Sports administrators manage a wide variety of tasks crucial to any athletics organization’s success. Some of these professionals focus on payroll and contract negotiations, while others work as media relationship and marketing specialists. The median yearly salary for a sports administrator is $90,870, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Students can develop the unique blend of business and sports acumen through a Master of Business Administration in Sports Administration. The St. Thomas University online MBA with a concentration in Sports Administration teaches the business behind the game through a comprehensive curriculum that covers topics ranging from management to sports-related law.

Careers in Sports Administration

Ticket sales managers oversee box office operations. Daily tasks may include resolving customer disputes related to ticket sales and ensuring that online sales portals run smoothly and efficiently.

Community groups such as the YMCA and Boys & Girls Clubs of America often hire a director of youth sports to oversee team and individual sports programs at their facilities. The directors develop, organize and administer sports leagues while hiring and recruiting staff to help run various aspects of the program.

For large, professional sports teams, important guests — such as former players, dignitaries and donors — are attended to by a guest services manager. The manager oversees accommodations and ensures that any requests or needs of the guests are promptly taken care of.

Vice presidents of finance in the professional sports industry fulfill a similar role to their peers in other businesses. These upper-level managers oversee all aspects of accounting, payroll and financial reporting. VPs of finance report directly to the CEO on financial matters.

Tournament planners usually report to event managers and oversee a wide range of tasks related to running an effective tournament. These jobs may include:

  • Managing schedules
  • Recruiting tournament staff
  • Overseeing the event schedule
  • Managing hotel bookings
  • Training volunteers
  • Overseeing the production of tournament documentation and brochures

Compliance officers work to ensure that teams adhere to regulatory and internal policy requirements. For college-level teams and groups, this is especially important due to strict NCAA guidelines.

Athletics directors manage staff and coaches while overseeing sports team operations. These directors are often the highest-paid employees within any athletics program.

Sports facility managers, also known as athletics facilities managers, oversee the daily maintenance of courts, rinks, arenas and other athletics facilities.

Learn the Business Behind the Game

Sports administrators brings skills as diverse as the teams and athletes they serve. The STU online MBA with a concentration in Sports Administration prepares graduates for a rewarding career guiding professional sports teams. The online degree program is taught by STU faculty and can be completed in as few as 10 months. The MBA curriculum covers skills ranging from managerial accounting and strategy systems to sports media and public relations.

Beyond learning the business aspects of running a sports team, graduates gain insight into topics uniquely related to sports, such as contract negotiation, defamation, collective bargaining and safety protocols.

Learn more about the STU online MBA program with a concentration in Sports Administration.


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